4+1 Interview: Victor Piercey

Victor Piercey of Ferris State University shares his thoughts and experiences on inquiry-based learning in mathematics and what he and his students have learned through the use of IBL.

Is flipping an online course possible?

Is it possible to flip a fully-online course that has no synchronous class meetings? The answer appears to be “yes”, but it involves unlearning some assumptions about flipped learning and about pedagogy in general.

GTD for academics: The mindset and the precepts

If we academic types were able to get big things done, like our dissertations, then why are there so many simpler, smaller things that don’t get done? And why does it seem we are out of control of the things we have to get done? In this first post in a series on the Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy for academics, we examine two important mistakes many academics make in dealing with time and projects.