Putting specs grading to work

The new semester is underway, and with it is the implementation of specifications grading in my two classes. Here is a report from the field about how the system turned out and how it’s working so far.

Thinking about grading

Thinking about specifications grading involves rethinking some basic assumptions about assessment and grading, even teaching in general. Here are four things that came clear to me as I read Linda Nilson’s recent book on specs grading.

Inside the inverted proofs class: Dealing with grading

Grading is an important — and unavoidable — aspect of any course, inverted or traditional. In this post in a series on the inverted transition-to-proof math course, we look at the grading responsibilities for the course and what impact inverting the classroom had on this process.

Experiments in digital grading

This semester, I made the decision to phase out paper from my professional life, starting with student work and grading. Here’s a preliminary report about what I’m doing and how it’s working.