Greetings! I’m Robert Talbert and this website is an archive of my blog posts up through 2017. You can access these by clicking on “Blog” above or going to . Please be warned, these posts were imported from an old archive, and some of the formatting is off, and most of the images are broken. But the text it there, and there’s a search bar to help you find what you need. 

Backstory: I’ve been blogging since around 2007, formerly using a self-hosted WordPress site. In 2011, the Chronicle of Higher Education invited me to join its new blog network and have my posts hosted at the Chronicle‘s website. This continued through 2017, when the blog network was closed down. I then migrated to a new platform, which is currently housed at The Chronicle allowed me to house my old pre-2017 posts at their site as an archive; but at some point in 2020, they shut this down too (I wasn’t informed) and now none of the old links work. Fortunately I exported all those posts to an XML document before leaving the Chronicle, and I’m used this free WordPress site to export and now house those old posts.

Someday I will have all my posts in the same place.